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How would you like to travel round the world in two hours?
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Michelin Star Chef, Samuel G. Galdón has revolutionized the island devising a tasting menu composed of 12 dishes and 7 cuisine techniques which will take you through the Mediterranean and all over Asia and America. Which is the starting point? Paradise found: Japanese Robata Bar at Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort. An open kitchen where guests can dine at the chef’s table while watching the team at work. An astonishing, memorable meal; it’s more an experience than a dinner.

Featuring spectacular dishes in a playful presentation, you will find wonderful creations such as oyster, garnished with Peruvian tiger milk and glossy little spheres that look like caviar but have a citrus flavour; oriental Sunomono consommé where every spoonful, clichéd as it sounds, literally has a different nuance.

The ever-changing variety of flavours in the chicken and crayfish dish will take you on a delightful journey up to the mountains and down to the sea. Every aspect of this gastronomic ride is perfectly paired with a selection of wines recommended by the Maître and even includes sake during your visit to Asia. To round off this memorable feast we will return to Spain for some refreshing sangria watermelon and then touch down in France for the petit fours.

Robata team and Maître perfectly combine professionalism and friendliness. It’s that balance which you are always seeking but somehow never quite find. You know the best part? You can plan to return as often as you like because Xperience Chef Menu inventively creates a new journey every week!